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Considering membership in the NYPA? Congratulations!

Your fellow members - more than 800 newspapers published in New York - appreciate the networking opportunities provided by New York's dynamic, growing community newspaper industry. Your first step should be to contact Richard Hotaling at 518-464-6483 or via email at

Membership Options & Criteria:

NYPA offers two membership options: regular (newspaper) membership or affiliate (vendor) membership. Membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors four times annually, in April, June, September, and November.

Regular Membership is extended to newspapers published in the State of New York, ordinarily published at least once per week and no less than once per month, and daily newspapers with circulations less than 25,000, printed on paper in an acceptable newspaper format, including not less than 25% locally generated news/editorial content. The publication must also maintain a known office open to the public where business of the publication is transacted during normal business hours. Regular membership entitles the member to one vote. A chain or group of newspapers published from one plant or under one ownership is entitled to one vote. Click here to download the membership application form.

Click here to see the Dues Schedule.


Affiliate Membership is extended to authorized representatives of firms interested in providing products or services to newspapers in New York. Affiliate members are non-voting members. Click here to download the affiliate membership application form.

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