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NYPA’s single largest training event is the annual spring convention. Regional seminars are also offered throughout the year at a variety of locations throughout New York State.

NYPA also offers web-based training for advertising personnel, at an affordable price, whenever you need it. NYPA's on-demand, Web-based training program for advertising sales people provides a simple, cost-effective way to train newly-hired salespeople, or to provide a motivating refresher for existing staff. Contact Richard Hotaling at 518-464-6483 or via email at for more information.

Members requiring specialized training should contact Jill at 518-464-6483 or via email at for more information.


20 Characteristics of a Superior Inside Salesperson
Posted by Geoff Alexander

What makes a superior salesperson? I don't mean merely successful. I mean superior. This question was posed by Ian and Jennifer, two very astute Inside Sales Managers with whom I communicate on a frequent basis. After training and coaching hundreds and hundreds of telesales reps, I do have some answers, because I've worked with many of the best. The list of the key elements that made these reps superior isn't long, but it raises the bar over which a rep must jump in order to constantly over-achieve and outperform others. And the list isn't just about superior sales characteristics either. It's also about superior habits in the workplace. I've broken it down into Superior Sales Characteristics and Superior Work Habits.

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