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May Webinars offered by Inland Press Association for NYPA Members

Please budget 90 minutes for each Inland Webinar, however, some Webinars may run only 60-75 minutes in length.
Length of Inland Webinars varies based on content and audience interaction.

The Fly in the Ointment: Effectively Managing the Problem Employee

WEDS., MAY 5 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
Problem employees are not only difficult to manage, but they can destroy morale and consume an inordinate amount of a manager’s time. And in a difficult economy, these employees may become more prevalent, just when you need them the least! In this workshop, we will discuss the most challenging problem employees, why managers are having a difficult time addressing this category of worker, and discuss actions managers can take to minimize the likelihood of a problem employee, and ways to make it easier to have those challenging discussions with the problem employee. * This Inland Webinar pairs nicely with the May 12 session with Mark Ernst
With Mark Ernst J.D., president, Ernst Enterprises, LLC

Serving National Advertisers Through Your Local Newspaper Sites

TUES., MAY 11 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
What are digital advertisers looking for in local websites? How do they make their buying decisions and what can you do to influence their digital spending? We’ll discuss best practices in digital advertising, how your local site fits into the big picture, and how to best work with national advertisers to maximize your digital revenue.
With Katie Risch, director of Media Relations, Centro, Chicago

Ten Steps to a Practical Performance Management Program for the New Economy

WEDS., MAY 12 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
Many newspaper owners and top executives would like to implement a more formal performance management program to help spur high productivity. They would also like to change weak performers more quickly to acceptable levels of performance or to exit the business. Unfortunately, they don’t have the expertise within their company to guide them through the process of determining what type of program would work best for them. In addition, they have experienced complicated and poorly run performance management programs that have created cynics of the work force and are the brunt of Dilbert cartoons. Learn the 10 steps to implement a practical Performance Management Program for your newspaper. * This Inland Webinar pairs nicely with the May 5 session with Mark Ernst.
With Mark Ernst J.D., president, Ernst Enterprises, LLC


Evaluating Your Sales Performance for Local Sales Success

THURS., MAY 13 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
Every sales organization is struggling to elevate their sales performance and results. That challenge becomes greater every day as we add new products, require our sales associates to be multimedia experts, and try to sell in an ever-expanding competitive environment. This lively session will clearly outline the steps each newspaper needs to ensure sales success. The ideas can be implemented immediately to positively impact your sales organization and its results. This step-by-step plan will cover sales planning, revenue retention and growth, staff evaluation, how to identify and resolve internal and external obstacles, how to make the most or your sales time and, most importantly, how to think like your advertiser.
With Larry Maynard, president, NGM Partners, Oswego, Ill.

Weekly Newspaper Focus: Effective Websites for Weekly Newspapers (Repeat)

Back by popular demand, this Inland Webinar will cover the basics of what you need on your website and what you don’t, how to keep it active and what kinds of costs you might incur. How much should your website reflect the paper or go beyond it? We'll address design and user research, staffing, writing for the web and new revenue opportunities. This session will give you a solid overview of how you stack up, where you should go and what not to bother with! We’ll include live feedback on the first 10 websites that sign up!
With Bill Ostendorf, president, Creative Circle Media Consulting, Providence, R.I.

Monetize Your Website: Web Advertising Options and Strategies That Work

TUES., MAY 18 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
This Inland Webinar will cover a thorough strategic advertising plan beginning with assessing the value of your news content website to develop target revenue numbers. Our speaker will discuss the best banner sizes and ad formats for advertisers (leaderboards, half page, medium box, static ad, animated Gif, flash ad, and rich media); ad placement options for advertisers (homepage vs. in-story placement); niche content; how to sell small but valuable inventory and how to go to market strategies for new categories/niche sites; selling SOV vs. CPM or both; packaging strategies/program development; and finally, rolling it all out. This is a very comprehensive web advertising Inland Webinar you won’t want to miss!
With Jane Bogue, digital media consultant, Wells, Maine

Working Through the Haze: Everything You Need To Know About E-Readers

WEDS., MAY 26 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
You’ve heard the names — Kindle, Nook, Sony. But what do e-readers mean to you? We’ll look at the e-readers that are on the market, the differences between them, how you get content to them and how they could impact the publishing business.
With Ray Marcano, Internet general manager, Cox Ohio Publishing


The Positive Story About Newspapers: Actionable Ideas to Strengthen Your Competitive Position

TUES., JUNE 22 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
Your newspaper is not a commodity; it has many positive strengths and provides benefits to advertisers no other media can. This lively session will burst the bubble of the perceived imminent demise of the newspaper industry by highlighting the key strengths of your newspaper and the industry overall. Newspapers have lost sight of the difference between “not performing as well as we once did but still a profitable enterprise” and “soon going out of business.” This session is designed to give every participant actionable ideas and information they can use immediately to strengthen their sales story, their competitive position and to motivate and refocus their associates. There are more than 1,400 daily newspapers and thousands of weekly newspapers that continue to provide coverage, audience reach and deliver customers to advertisers like no other media, and it’s time we delivered that message.
With Larry Maynard, president, NGM Partners, Oswego, Ill.

Three Steps to Effective Sales Interviewing

WEDS., JUNE 9 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
This Inland Webinar will cover the most critical step in sales: effective interviewing. To be truly consultative in your sales approach with advertisers and prospects, you need to understand their aspirations, concerns, target market, inventory mix, peaks and valleys, advertising budget, etc. This session covers the basic questioning skills (asking closed-ended and open-ended questions) as well as delving deeper into elaboration and reflective questions. The B.A.C.K. T.O. B.A.S.I.C.S. interview process is covered that gives the student a more systematic approach to needs-analysis interviewing.
With John Lindsey, president, Lindsey & Associates, Phoenix, Ariz.


Developing and Selling a Multimedia Advertising Program: Packaging, Commission and Training

THURS., JUNE 24 | 10:30 A.M. CENTRAL
Sales success will come from redesigning your advertising offering to increase revenue per advertiser campaign with your local business customers. Improve your customer’s results by developing and offering multimedia solutions that give advertisers more reach, more frequency, more touch points to the consumer, priced at a good value for double the audience reach. Improve sales performance with your sales team through simple-to-use customer materials, sales skill training and a redesigned commission plan. This session will help you explore building a multimedia pricing, packaging, commission, sales toolkit and training program.
With Debbie Holzkamp, president, HDS Premier Consulting, LLC


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