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The New York Press Association (NYPA) was founded September 8, 1853 to help publishers of small newspapers meet the needs of their communities more effectively by providing better information for their readers. The 32 publishers and editors from Western and Central New York who founded NYPA hoped that through joint discussion they could effectively set standards of commercial practice and financial management that would help their small newspapers prosper. They hoped that the fellowship engendered by personal acquaintance would minimize the misunderstandings that thrive in its absence.

Today, independently-owned publications across the state continue to pass rich community newspaper traditions from one generation to the next ensuring that community newspapers remain vibrant, thriving, and historically ever-changing.

NYPA's database of newspapers includes 727 weekly community newspapers, 58 daily newspapers, and 147 culturally-specific newspapers. Weekly newspaper circulation is 11.6M; daily circulation is 5.6M, and culturally-specific newspaper circulation is 4.2M.

NYPA and the newspapers it represents are at the forefront of technological advances in the industry. Publishers are introducing new technologies to effectively deliver the intensely local brand of community journalism that is their special strength – in-print and online.

Mindful that community newspapers are only as good as the staffs putting them together, NYPA works hand in hand with member newspapers to provide financial and educational support. NYPA provides ongoing training and education programs, in both live and online formats. NYPS provides new revenue streams for newspapers through its display and classified advertising placement service.

NYPA also administers the NYPA Foundation, which provides paid internships and financial support for initiatives designed to advance growth and innovation in the community newspaper industry.

For more than 150 years, NYPA has continued to build not only its own strength, but also that of the community newspapers it serves. NYPA's goal is to ensure that the future of New York's community newspaper industry maintains the significance and relevance that local readers have come to expect.
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