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Michelle K. Rea
Executive Director



 Richard Hotaling
Association and Creative Services Manager
   Jill Van Dusen
Assistant General Manager
for Membership,
Website & Database


 Scott Lavigne
Controller, Assistant General Manager/
Advertising Administration
   Carol Zalewski
Assistant Controller
 Maria DeCann
Administrative Assistant
   Maria Burke
Newspaper Payables


Douglas W. Rea
Senior Vice President
of Advertising
  David W. Worden
Senior Vice President
of Advertising
Patti O’Brien
Manager, Advertising and Marketing Services
Linda Doyle
Media Planner
Meg Pennisi
Media Planner 
Pam Hansen
Ad Traffic Coordinator 


Darcy Rogers
Network Advertising Sales
  Megan Pawlowski
Network Advertising Sales
Laurel Jacon
Classified Placement Coordinator
Print Edward
Cat Extraordinaire




Ads that did not run/make goods              Maria Burke 
Ad sales training                                                Rich or Michelle 
Advertising insertion orders                        Maria Burke 
Advertising rate changes                               Linda or Meg 
Better newspaper contest                             Rich or Jill 
Billing issues                                                       Scott 
Classified advertising                                      Amy 
Convention information                                Rich or Jill  
Convention speakers                                       Jill 
Disability insurance                                         Carol 
Display ad sales                                                 Doug or Dave 
Dues        Scott 
FOIL   Michelle 
Job bank                                                                Jill 
Internships  Rich 
Laws affecting newspapers                          Michelle  
Legal questions                                                  Michelle  
Legislation/lobbying                                       Michelle  
Libel hotline                                                        Michelle  
Libel insurance                                                  Michelle  
Membership   Rich 
Newsletter (NewsBeat)                              
NYSCAN    Amy  
NAN – Newspaper ad network                   Amy  
Open Meetings                                                   Michelle   
Payments to newspapers                              Maria Burke  
Public notices                                                     Michelle   
Rate and data updates                                     Jill  
Postal questions/issues                                 Michelle  
Press Passes                                                        Rich 
Press Releases                                                    Jill  
Regional seminars                                            Jill  
Short term disability insurance                  Carol  
Tearsheets     Linda or Meg 
Trade Show                                                         Amy or Meg 
Website   Jill  
Workers’ Compensation Insurance          Carol 
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