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My community is where I live – and real, physical communities need newspapers

By Randall Rothenberg
President & CEO of The Interactive Advertising Bureau

Newspapers, say the talking head, are dying – chewed up for four decades by television, and finally digested during the last tenner by the Internet. Information wants to be free, the chatterers opine, and that means “the news” will evade the papers’ attempts to confine it inside a paywall. It will escape, and proliferate, becoming a slippery commodity unsupported by either subscription fee or advertising. Requiescat in pacem, cuculli piscibus.  

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We'd Rave About Newspapers...

I can understand why newspapers are not viewed as trendy today. After all, they were really the iPods of 1690. But humor me, and consider this alternate history: Imagine if Gutenberg had invented a digital modem rather than a printing press, and that for centuries all of our information had come to us online.
Further, imagine if we held a press conference announcing the invention of an intriguing new product called the “newspaper.” 

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