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Every spring, NYPA holds the largest newspaper training conference in the country. Seminar speakers, recognized as leaders in their fields, conduct more than 60 educational sessions on all subjects important to community newspaper personnel.

The convention provides invaluable networking opportunities, separate training tracks for publishers, editors, reporters, photographers, advertising managers, advertising sales representatives, and graphics and production personnel.


The 2013 NYPA Spring Convention and Trade Show will take place on April 5th and 6th at the Gideon Putnam Hotel and Conference Center in beautiful Saratoga Springs.


Newsroom Sessions

Meg Heckman         
5 Ways for Civic Engagement
Kelly Fincham
  Copy Editing in a Digital Age
Val Hoeppner
  Essential Apps for Journalists
John Reetz
  Why Mobile & How Does My Paper Get There
John Reetz     Mobile Launch: Winning Strategies

Publishing Sessions

Bob Ainsworth
The Basics of Business & Financial Management
Michael Zinser            
  Independent Contractor Status
Matt Sanders
  Transformative Business Models
Matt Sanders     Transformative Business Strategies

Digital Sessions

David F. Carr
Finding & Backgrounding Sources on Social Media
Sherry Chisenhall & John Boogert   How Newspaper Can Begin to Restructure their Newsrooms
Matt Solokoff
  What's New in Paid Content

Advertising Sessions

Arvid Tchivhel
More Than Just Numbers ....
Renee Tacka
  Advertising 201
Joe Mathes
  Auto Dealers Presentation
Joe Mathes   Mastering the Art of Digital Sales
Joe Mathes     Using Digital to Sell More Print
Rachel Sinclair           
  Digital Monetization - 5 Faces of a Multi-Media Salesperson
Chris Edwards
  Extending Ad Campaigns Beyond Now

Photography Sessions


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